What is WeAreHBCUs?

WeAreHBCUs is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating HBCU students and alumni through amplifying their voices. We increase the visibility of HBCU excellence, create a space for Black thought leadership, and build community across all HBCUs.

HBCUto is preparing, exposing, and connecting HBCU students and graduates to top professional and academic opportunities. We're on a mission to build a support system where HBCU students can have the exposure and resources to access any opportunity in any discipline. We envision a world where effort is the only thing that separates students from opportunity.


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Built by HBCU students, for HBCU students, The Dynamic Opportunities Database is the go-to platform for undergraduate students preparing to build a successful career journey. You'll gain access to a repository of resources including internships, jobs, professional programs, fellowships, and more.

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